Since the last day to do a good deed, and Mao Xiang to send sauce, the relationship between the two is not bad, sometimes also joke with each other, Song Xiuer immediately at a loss for words, sparkling eyes rolling, trying to find a topic to change, eyes fell on your son, wow, so handsome ah! Then I thought that all the handsome men whose first impression was particularly good, such as Zhu Wulang and Chang Sen, were very disappointing. So Song Xiuer's eyes soon cooled down, "is this your son?" "This is my son's guest of honor," said Mao Xiang. Zhu Di's guest? No wonder he looks so strange. But the royal family has a lot of disputes, so it's better to stay away. Yao Miaoyi nodded to Mao Xiang and his party, "you play slowly, we go first." But your son said, "Wait a minute. Is this girl the doctor Yao in the rumor?" Yao Miaoyi stopped, nodded slightly, and admitted it. Your son took two steps forward and said with a smile, "I've eaten the hot sauce cooked by Doctor Yao. It tastes very unique. As long as I've eaten it, I can't forget the taste.". Listen to Zhu Silang, that thing is called pepper,aluminium coated steel tube, red, curved, like the moon. I want to see the red moon and ask for some seeds. I'll plant some myself next spring. Is it convenient for Dr. Yao? Since he was a distinguished guest of Zhu Di and Mao Xiang was so respectful to him, was he the son of a princess? Yao Miaoyi also did not dare to offend, said: "Yes, you go to the store to buy it, hot sauce and pepper are available." "Master," said Mao Wei hurriedly, "I'm a regular customer of Baihe Hall. I'll bring you one when the time comes." Your son smiled faintly,Cold Drawn Seamless Tubes, "I come to the south to travel this time, want to have a good look, walk around, then please help to lead the way." Mao Xiang said, "The master has told us that you are a distinguished guest. We should be like this. We dare not take the trouble." Yao Miaoyi heard the heart went, "master"? Only Zhu yuanzhang, Emperor Hongwu, could make Mao Xiang his master. What is the background of your son? I always feel strange. However, your son was really good-looking, and his appearance was enough to compete with his cousin Zhu Shouqian. Even Yao Miaoyi could not help but look at him a few more times before he retired with Song Xiuer. Out of the gate of the Renpi Hall, Yao Miaoyi said in a low voice, "This man has an extraordinary background and has not avoided complications. We will come again next time." Song Xiuer said, "No, I've just seen it anyway.". This man looked like a monk when he was alive, but after he died, he was as ugly as a fierce ghost. It was enough to see him once. Fu walked in front, side impact door beams ,Cold Drawn Steel Tubes, I do not know where to take out two bamboo poles and handed them, "pestle slowly, don't slip, the ice here is thick, you will fall on the bone." "Uncle Fu is careful." Song Xiuer took the bamboo pole with a smile. In fact, when she saw her uncle's human skin just now, she was in a bad mood. But when she came out, she thought that although she had a bad fate, she also met Dr. Yao, a kind person like Ah Fu. She turned and handed another bamboo pole to Yao Miaoyi. "Here you are." "Be careful!" Fu's face changed and he pushed Xiuer and Miaoyi behind the rockery. But see the locust-like arrows flying out from the depths of the bamboo forest, roaring out! Fu fell to the ground and was hit by two arrows in his legs. Yao Miaoyi reacted the fastest and dragged Fu behind the rocks, avoiding the arrows and stabbing him into a hedgehog. Yao Miaoyi pulled out the arrow, looked at the dark arrow, and said angrily, "The arrow extracts poison!"! Despicable and shameless! Fortunately, as a doctor, she would take some powder with her and put a pill the size of a quail egg into Ah Fu's mouth, "chew it up and swallow it." Then he tore open the cotton trousers, poured the powder on them, and bandaged the wound. During the whole process, Song Xiuer screamed all the time. She had practiced her voice when she was sold to a brothel in Yangzhou. When she screamed, her voice was bright and her breath was endless. The screams clearly reached the ears of Mao Xiang and his party in the Hall of Human Skin. Mao Xiang's complexion changed greatly. He said to his men, "Protect your son. Send out the signal and call in the people outside. I'll go and have a look first." If ordinary people, Mao Xiang will certainly choose to protect the guests, but the people in distress outside are Yao Miaoyi and Song Xiuer, he can not sit idly by. His men set off fireworks out of the window. Mao Xiang drew his sword out of its scabbard and ran toward the place where Song Xiuer screamed. Suddenly, he saw five assassins dressed in Taoist priests of the City God Temple cutting behind the rocks with their knives. There were still dense arrows in the snow. It must have been a sneak attack and a close attack instead. Yao Miaoyi has always been cautious, with a dagger hidden beside her. When the bright broadsword came at her, she kicked the screaming Song Xiuer behind, then dodged the knife, pulled out the dagger and hit the assassin in his arms. The sharp dagger was accurately inserted into the assassin's left kidney. Uncle Fu, who had been hit by an arrow in his leg, was also very brave. With a roar of anger, he threw out the whip of the chariot. The whip was wrapped around the neck of the assassin like a snake. Ah Fu shook his wrist and pulled the assassin down. He stepped on the wrist of the assassin holding the knife and seized the knife and strung it into a ice-sugar gourds! In an instant, the assassin lost two of the five. Unexpectedly, Ah Fu had such skill. Yao Miaoyi was surprised, but he was unable to be distracted. He began to deal with the other three assassins, all of whom pointed their knives at Yao Miaoyi. No one went to cut the screaming Song Xiuer, and no one fought with the injured Ah Fu. Looks like they're targeting me. "Uncle Fu," said Yao Miaoyi, "take Xiuer with you." Fu, limping on one leg, stood beside Yao Miaoyi with a knife and fought side by side with her, shouting to Song Xiuer, who was still screaming, "Run!"! Go to the Renpi Temple to help Mao! The weapons made a sharp crash. Song Xiuer finally stopped screaming, and her beautiful little face was as pale as a paper beauty. She stood up trembling with a bamboo pole, ran out a few steps, but stopped, picked up a few stones from the ground, turned and threw them at the assassin! "Bastard!"! Bad guy Song Xiuer cried and scolded, but did not flinch and kept throwing stones at the assassin. Chapter Table of Contents 49. Willing to take the bait Song Xiuer was a weak woman who had no strength to tie a chicken. She was so afraid that she trembled all over,cold drawn tubes, but she refused to flinch. She threw stones without aim or strength. Even if she was hit, she would not be hurt. To read the latest chapter of this book, please go to the www. Mianhua Tang. CC of the Cotton Candy Novel Network.