After setting up your entertainment blog, your next game plan right now is to make effort to promote and build the blog into a formidable entertainment platform.

The following are steps you can use to grow your entertainment blog:

Create Great Content

So after setting up your blog, to grow it into a platform with a massive audience and influence, you need a combination of different strategies. And one of the most effective of these strategies is creating and posting valuable content.

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Now, that this has been cleared out, you want to go ahead and create a realistic content strategy that will work for you and your audience.

Your content strategy should reflect the kind of posts you want to be updating on your entertainment blog, based on the particular niche you’re blogging on.

It should also be streamlined to meet a particular posting timeline. For example, you may decide to be posting entertainment news articles 10-15 times or more every day or less.

Whatever you decide to go with, be sure you stick to a clear schedule that can be followed through.

Also, on your blog, indicate the different categories of entertainment posts you’re writing about. If it’s entertainment news for example, there are different aspects to it.

Indicate when and how often you’ll be writing about that in your content strategy and then, follow through the content writing schedule as much as possible.

Doing this will create a level of consistency your audience will get used to. And when your entertainment blog has consistent fresh content, your readers will come back again and again.

Promote Your Blog

Marketing and promoting your blog is very important and you’ll have to give it serious attention if you plan to build a successful entertainment blog.

There are many ways to promote your blog. Some are paid others are free.

For the paid promotions, one of the popular options is the use of Google Adwords.

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising system where advertisers bid (and pay) for keywords that will help them make their adverts appear on Google search results.

Where you have a decent budget, you can use Google Ads to promote your blog. Joining the program gets your entertainment blogs promoted across Google Search results for some specific search keywords.

To get your blog even faster among the top entertainment blogs, you can do both Google and social media ads if you’re on a good budget.

As another aspect of paid promotion, you can pay to promote your entertainment blog on other popular blogs and websites, using either sponsored post or banner ads.

For the free promotion options, you can promote your blog and get it among popular entertainment blogs through search engine optimization, guest posting, link building, offline promotional events, user generated content etc.

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Evolve a Growth System 

One of the biggest growth hacks for building a successful blog in the entertainment niche is evolving a clear and repeatable system that works for you.

This system could involve things like evolving content creation templates, editing and promotion templates, marketing templates and audience acquisition templates.

With a workable growth model, you will clearly identify the number of posts you have to make over a certain period of time, in order to achieve a certain number of visits to your blog.

Having these systems in place is very essential in getting you to create fresh and high quality content regularly while building your blog at the same time.

Create a Unique Selling Point

Naturally the entertainment blogging niche is highly saturated. To stand out as a newbie, you have to be able to offer a very unique value your audience can hardly find elsewhere.

This is why besides consistent blogging and promotion, you’ll want to post pretty exceptional content on your blog.

So not withstanding that entertaining news for instance is always similar, you can decide to make yours different.

Instead of copying posts from other website and updating them to your blog, rewrite the text and add a fresh dimension to it.

Don’t get confused. Depending on your branding and audience, you can add more fun, more details or an interesting addition to the post to.

For example, you can choose to add more details, update the news with more pictures, funny memes or video or even make it shorter.

All you want to do here is add a new perspective that will add a distinct value to the blog post, in a way only you can do it.

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Build a loyal Audience

One of the major features of a successful entertainment blog is that it thrives on a loyal audience. So, beyond your blog, you need a loyal audience that will be visiting your blog, engaging with your posts and sharing them on social media.

This loyal audience has to go beyond your blog to social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest etc.

This is because the social media is one important source of traffic and visibility that will be very useful to you and your blog.

You can grow your social media platform by being active on select platforms, posting content and engaging regularly and also, following a social media strategy that works for you.

You can also grow your social media handles easily by using social media promotional strategies like organizing contests, giving away freebies for comments and shares etc.

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Create Content in Different formats

Research suggests that people are entertained in different ways. Some part of your audience could be entertained visually, some through audiovisuals and some just by reading your content.

As a smart blogger, you already understand that Entertainment Blogging is not all about written content so you don’t want to focus entirely on creating written content alone.

You want to also create diversity by creating both videos and audio content as it appeals to your audience.

Considering that video content is recently getting popularity, if possible, work on creating a mix of videos for your entertainment blog. You can host these videos on your YouTube channel and link back to your blog.

Also, where your entertainment blog can work with audio podcast, build a podcast around it.

What you’re doing with a diversified content is to keep your audience on your blog, no matter what blogging format appeals to them.

So if a particular section of your audience prefers Video Content, they can always find it there. Same goes for written and audio content.