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  • Hou Weidong's officialdom notes
    How to deal with this money is an art, and the most crude way is to hand it over to the Discipline Inspection Commission. For a new leader, this practice is no different from being unconventional, earning eyeballs, but the actual effect is very poor, and it is easy to arouse the suspicion of the whole leadership group. Hou Weidong's way of doing things is round outside and square inside,...
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  • All he said was prophecy.
    "This time, there were eight boats along the river bank. When the red lanterns were burned down, one of them had facial burns. They were all girls from different families who participated this year." "When a riverbank meeting is held in Ping'an Town, it is often the time for young men and women to meet. Every year, the girls who can board the boat show their talents, but those who shine in the...
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  • Smoke and water ballad
    Su Xun was still silent, and his dark eyes became more and more intense. Gu Fangzhi put down the cup, sighed, and suddenly choked. Su Xun glanced at him and said, "What's the matter?" The man, who had just had a lonely look on his face, suddenly smiled and replied, "Can't this young master also have something on his mind?" Su Xun turned his head and said lightly, "From now on, I have no...
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  • His Mountain, My Sea (E-sports)
    "You don't understand," said Su Mo. "Anyway, even if you take medicine, you won't get better. What about you? Why don't you go to someone else's house? Yegor lowered his eyelids and whispered, "I've been in a lot of people's homes. No, I don't like it." Su Mo "Oh" sound, ask again: "Where are your parents? Ye Ge finished eating the "snow cake" in his hand and said, "They are all dead." Su Mo...
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  • The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth _ txt Novel Paradise
    Kui is a very straightforward person, now that he has accepted Song Yingzhu, he will not be a mother-in-law. If he had not accepted her, he might have been more hesitant than Song Yingzhu. You take the elixir first, and then take off your coat and lie on the bed. Kui took out a'Zu Yan Dan 'and handed it to Song Yingzhu and said. Song Yingzhu hesitated for a moment and did not take the elixir in...
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  • Human world (full version)
    Saying the name from his mouth made her look back with happiness, only to see his still serious face: "Please don't tell anyone else about this yard!"! Do you remember? With infinite disappointment in her heart, she could only nod wronged and run out without saying a word. I'm right. The man has come to you. Mr. Mephistopheles came out of my left ventricle and patted my coconut-like heart, but...
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  • Industrial hegemony
    He Haifeng's wife sighed, stepped forward, took the things in Lin Zhenhua's hand, and then went into the kitchen, which is the meaning of out of sight. Lin Zhenhua freed his hand and patted He Lan on the back, saying, "Lan Lan, don't cry. What happened?" He Lan cried a nose, feel a little better, this just feels his action is a little inappropriate. She blushed and let go of Lin Zhenhua, still...
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  • Heroes are flying
    "Brush", small whirlwind Daizhi has swept from the outside to the indoor, quickly around him, Qin Yi is trying to get out of the way, but see Daizhi has stopped the body, he secretly cheered: "good flying skill!" He immediately followed him quickly. Dai Zhiwen walked to the entrance of the hall of the first building and heard the two young men standing at the entrance of the hall shouting,...
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  • Baozhu lies
    With more and more hands, I forgot for a moment where I was. By the time I recovered from this momentary stiffness, my body had been suppressed by countless pale hands, which came out of nowhere, one by one across my bed, with nothing above my wrists. My neck was strangled, and at this moment, my mind was in a mess. It's not that I haven't been pressed by ghosts before, but it's never been like...
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