There's no doubt that motivational speaking is one of the fastest-growing career fields in today's economy. And with good reason - speaking to a group of motivated individuals can provide you with a fantastic platform to share your message. If you're interested in becoming a youth motivational speaker, this guide will give you the tips and advice that you need to get started. From developing a unique message to choosing the right venue, we'll cover it all! So grab a cup of coffee, and let's get started!

What is a Youth Motivational Speaker?


A youth motivational speaker is someone who gives presentations to groups of young people, typically ages 10 to 18. They may speak on a variety of topics, such as staying positive in difficult times or helping others achieve their goals. Youth motivational speakers can also provide speaking opportunities for school clubs and organizations.

Youth motivational speakers typically work with organizations that serve young people, such as schools, clubs, and youth groups. They may also offer their services to businesses or other groups who want to reach out to youths.

To be a successful youth motivational speaker, you need plenty of energy and charisma. You should also have strong communication skills, as many presentations will include interactive elements. As long as you can convey your message in an engaging way, there’s no limit to what you can achieve!


There are many different types of speakers that an individual can become involved in, including youth speaker and school assembly speakers. Youth speakers are those who provide a voice for underserved or marginalized groups within their community. This can be done through spoken word poetry, comedy routines, speeches on important issues, or anything else that would enrich the lives of young people. School assembly speaker perform at assemblies to promote attendance and engage students with interesting content. These speeches might cover a variety of topics such as science experiments, historical facts about the country or world, and creative writing contests winners Lamplighters Theatre has been honored to perform at various schools around the United States over the years!



Now you know what to expect as a youth motivational speaker. You need not just be good with words and speech but also have the right personality traits such as energy, passion, positivity, and optimism.


Once you start speaking in front of the crowd in an engaging way, people will definitely start paying attention to your words instead of their phones because they want to know who is going to knock them off their seats next!