Emperor tyrant
    "It seems that you are very confident of yourself." Gong Qianyue opened her mouth with a clear and melodious voice, which was cold. Her cold voice awed the disciples of Shenxuanzong. Although there are many disciples in Shenxuanzong who love her, Gong Qianyue is alienated from anyone, so those disciples who love her dare not approach her. 百度搜索【云来阁】小说网站,让 你体验更新最新最快的章节小说, 所有小说秒更新。 Chapter 3283 do you want to challenge? Of course, Gong Qianyue is not to compete with Li Qiye in talent, nor to...
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    The ex-husband is too arrogant
    Lu Ziyan nods: "Good, then you do slowly, I brush my teeth to wash a face." Then he let go of her hand and turned to go into the bathroom. Ruan Qiaoan sighed lightly, then rolled up his sleeves and began to make breakfast. When Lu Ziyan came out of the bathroom, Ruan Qiaoan also brought the cooked breakfast to the table. When she turned around and saw Lu Ziyan wrapped in a bath towel, she immediately covered her eyes and exclaimed: "Lu Ziyan, what do you want to do?" Lu Ziyan kept fiddling...
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    Demon Team 2
    "Well-don't you like me at all?" Long Yi shouted to the back of yuan Fei, who had already gone out. But yuan Fei did not answer him. yuan Fei's unresponsive manner seemed to have completely hurt the dragon! His face was full of sadness! But he did not expect that at this time, one of his men suddenly rushed out. Damn, boy, want to die, rob a woman with our dragon elder brother, still so horizontal! With these words, he flew out and went straight to Yuexuan and smashed his fist down. Fuck off...
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