By contrast, Ruyi is just dressed in the same color of aquamarine and silver thread embroidered long clothes, under the water, moonlight, cloud sky and water, leaving a group of immortals. Cloud sideburns are just some ordinary fine beads, only in the side head hairpin a pair of red gold silk and pedicle crabapple flower step shake, it is not as good as Yuyan's careful carving, deportment is myriad. Because of the fear of heat, the emperor was wearing a homely cloud blue silver thread group Fu Ruyi gauze robe, reclining on the couch of the warm pavilion. On the red sandalwood table at the bottom was a bowl of half-drunk ginseng chicken soup and a Jiaqin. Want to come to Ruyi money, the emperor is listening to Yuyan playing and singing Jiaqin, tasting ginseng chicken soup, comfortable and comfortable to spend the hot afternoon. If Yifu said hello to the emperor, Yuyan also got up and said a word to her. Ruyi said politely, "Concubine Jia was just out of confinement yesterday. It's better not to work." The emperor told Ruyi to sit down, with a faint smile on his face: "Imperial Concubine, I heard that you often go to Yuhua Pavilion to pray recently?" Ruyi leaned over and said, "Yes.". It was rare for Master Anjibosan to enter the palace, and my concubine wanted to pray sincerely for well-being. Yuyan stood beside the emperor, gently shaking a translucent magnolia fan in her hand. She said leisurely,drum spill pallet, "I hope the nine elder brothers will grow up safely, so every morning I go to the Yuhua Pavilion to ask the master to read the scriptures I copied the day before. But the emperor knows that I believe in Tangun religion, so I haven't entered it in person.". It is said that the imperial concubine is more sincere than my concubine, so she will go at dawn and dusk, and she is very pious. She smiled and glanced at Ruyi. "Actually, it's not that I didn't pay enough attention to the nine elder brothers.". It's just that as a concubine, I want to remain unchanged after nightfall. Although the master is a monk,plastic pallet crates, he is a man after all. The tone of the emperor is light, can not hear the approval or denial: "The master is a master in the end, you do not care." Yuyan raised her eyes lightly and said with a coquettish laugh, "I don't dare to be oversensitive. It's just a casual remark.". After all, it is the eye affinity of the imperial concubine and Master Bo Sang. Whether it is Tibetan incense or hand strings, everything is for the imperial concubine. When Ruyi heard that her tone was not good, she said, "Tibetan incense is true. Master Bosang just gave me a handful of incense yesterday. I smell good. I want to leave some to the queen mother." She thought of Yuyan smile, "Jia Guifei just out of the month, the news will be so well-informed.". It's like he's following me and staring. As for the bracelet, I don't know. Please ask the imperial concubine to tell me in detail. (… Missing?) "If you get it, you'll admit it." She clapped her hands twice and replaced her maid, Jeong-sook. When Zhenshu saw Ruyi, she made a respectful salute and handed over a string of seven treasures to the emperor. She said, "Your Majesty, collapsible pallet bin ,plastic pallet suppliers, yesterday the maidservant was ordered by the little master to go to the Yuhua Pavilion to deliver scriptures and pray for the nine elder brothers. But when she saw Master Anjibosan and the imperial concubine acting intimately, she whispered.". Then Master Bosang handed a box of Tibetan incense and a bronze incense burner to the imperial concubine, and put the bracelet on the wrist of the imperial concubine as a token of love. When Ruyi heard this, he suddenly changed his color and said, "What a slave who dares to spy on the Lord without authorization. Since he saw the Master put on a bracelet for this palace with his own eyes and did not hear the words, how can he know that it is a thing of love?"? Could it be that in the past, the blessing of hair ornaments in the palace and the wearing of Buddha beads had all become private gifts? Moreover, since it is a thing of love, why is it not on the wrist of this palace, but on your injury? Ruyi's temperament is like a deep pool of autumn water. If it were not for a close person, it would be cold and cold. At the same time, she would ask questions repeatedly at the moment. Although she spoke calmly, the cold air in her words made Zhenshu tremble and fear. Yuyan winked like silk and smiled lightly. "Why is the imperial concubine so aggressive? Zhenshu just said what she saw.". As for the bracelet, I got it together with this thing. She said, taking out a delicate thing from her sleeve. In the palm of Yuyan's hand is a delicately folded Fang Sheng. Fang Sheng's folding is very delicate, folding into the pattern of Hemerocallis, originally taking the meaning of "concentric double, interlinked with each other". She handed Fang Sheng over to the emperor. The veins on his forehead jumped slightly. He closed his eyes and said, "I've already seen it. Just show it to the imperial concubine." Yuyan answered in a gentle voice and handed Fang Sheng to Ruyi. She said with a smile, "That bracelet was picked up with this thing outside the Yikun Palace of the imperial concubine.". When the guards in the palace found out, they were so frightened that they didn't dare to give it to the imperial concubine, so they gave it to me. Where did I go through such a thing? I didn't know what it was, and I didn't dare to look at it. I immediately sealed it up and asked the emperor to make decisions first. The imperial concubine will have a look for herself first. Ruyi shook off Fang Sheng, and when she opened it, it turned out to be a thin piece of golden red plum paper. Because she always loved plum blossoms, the letter paper sent to Yikun Palace by the Ministry of Internal Affairs was mostly like this. She felt a chill in her heart, and in the middle of the golden red plum paper was wrapped a few lotus seeds threaded with red silk thread. She tied down a concentric knot of silver silk and red silk, but saw that the paper read: "In the sleeve of the lotus, the lotus heart is completely red.". Remembering Lang Lang does not come, looking up at Feihong. Once I was worried that too much affection would hurt the Brahma, and when I went into the mountains, I was afraid to leave the city. Get your hand string as a gift, already know the feelings of the two. If you have a heart, you will wait for you in the Winter Warm Pavilion of Yikun Palace tonight. You will know each other. The Tathagata and Qing wish you both. The black handwriting was inevitably branded into Ruyi's eyes. Her alarm clock thundered, and the first few lines of "Xizhou Song" were originally a woman's persistent lovesickness for her lover, as evidenced by lotus seeds and concentric knots. The following words were originally used in a poem by Tsangyang Gyatso, the sixth Dalai Lama. If it was really an affair between a concubine and a Lama, it would be extremely appropriate. And what really made her cold, like ice water, was the gentle handwriting, which was clearly her own handwriting. The emperor reclined on his couch and said slowly, "Ruyi, you have learned from your family since you were a child. You are familiar with the three languages of Manchu, Mongolian and Khan. The calligrapher you have learned from Lady Wei is like a small character with a hairpin flower. It looks like a tree and like a breeze.". There were not many concubines in the palace who wrote poems and books all night, and no other women had learned Wei's calligraphy, so there was no way to imitate it. If Huixian's imperial concubine were still alive,plastic pallet crates, she might be able to copy a few, but Huixian's imperial concubine had already gone by crane, and there was no one else. 。