They could only keep their bodies down and remain motionless. Huo Gang came to the mountain crossing, and with years of experience, he ordered the caravan to stop, and then rode on horseback and shouted. All the strong men in the mountains, my surname is Huo. Everyone calls me shopkeeper Huo. My host is Yufeng Pavilion in Kyoto. I want to borrow a precious place for a journey today. Please spare your hands. The front is still quiet, and the breeze is coming. Huo Gang continued to shout, "Here, I will give you two hundred taels of silver for filial piety. Please drink tea." He shouted at the top of his voice, feeling that he had broken his throat because of his sore throat. Song Jiangshan was furious. "That man betrayed Lao Tzu." He turned angrily and scolded. The younger brothers in the back shook their heads, inexplicable, who betrayed you, did not see that they had been squatting with you, and their faces were bitten red by insects? Huo Gang heard a loud shout in the woods in front of him, and his heart missed half a beat. The two teams were deadlocked for a moment. Head Li of the Escort Agency gathered all the young and middle-aged people in the team. There were more than two hundred people in the team, and they stood on the ground. Song Jiangshan stood at a high place and shrank his neck. Damn, this fat pig is too fat. If the ambush is not discovered, he may be able to fight a battle. This family is prepared, but he can't do it! This man is more than him, weapons are better than him, behind a group of younger brothers with a kitchen knife, hoe is a stick, he did not see. Song Jiangshan looked at the caravan's supplies a few more times, forget it, but one bright and one dark, he still has the capital of arrogance. He selected dozens of strong people and swaggered up to Huo Gang. Song Jiangshan shouted at Huo Gang in a rough voice, "Today I will give you a face in Yufeng Pavilion, just as a friend." Huo Gang hurriedly made a bow, "It is Huo Mou's good fortune to make friends with this strong man. There are two hundred silver stripes here, which is the tea money for the younger brother to honor his brother." Song Jiangshan took the silver and weighed it with his hand. "Good to say, good to say." A pleasant surprise. Quit while you're ahead. He drew back and shouted, "Boys, break up." Hearing the rustling sound in front of him, shopkeeper Huo could not help pinching his sweat. This group of bad people at least a hundred people, they occupy the terrain sneak attack, even if the caravan people more than them, I am afraid it will be a heavy loss. It's lucky to lose only two hundred taels of silver this time. After this, they all quickened their pace, crossed the mountain, and then walked two days to Lincheng, after which they should be safe. Liu Hua, the head of the Liu family, looked at his old wife at a loss. From the south city to Li city, the journey is long, over the mountains, along the way, her body completely collapsed. Seeing her emaciated face, Liu Hua was a little worried. He ordered the housekeeper to ask people to find a doctor in the caravan. Even if he only knew a little about the art of Qi Huang, he had to let his wife drink porridge first. She can't eat these days, and I'm afraid she can't get to Lincheng. The steward immediately passed on the order, and after receiving the order, the guard a and the guard B looked at each other. "Doctor Xia of the Rejuvenation Hall," he said with one voice. …… A group of people hurried slowly, collapsible bulk containers ,ibc spill containment pallet, and the caravan did not turn over the mountain before dark. The main reason is that the mountain slope is steep and the luggage is numerous. Seeing that it is going to be dark, shopkeeper Huo can only be unwilling to give up moving forward. Ye Zhiqiu and Li Nian were already hungry, and when they heard that they could rest, they immediately began to build a stove and make a fire to cook. Li Nian brought some preserved chicken and bacon, and he ate almost all the way. When he was in Huacheng, he disbanded with a group of small partners in the border town. Huacheng is too comfortable, after staying for two days, they are not willing to go, and heard that the Xuanwu Army came, they do not want to go, opinions are not unified, can only break up. Li Nian carried a bowl of noodles and chewed bacon, and the more he ate, the more delicious he became. He took a bite and smiled at Ye Zhiqiu. Xia eldest brother is really good to him, all the way meticulous care also let him ride a horse, in the future he must learn well, in addition to revenge but also to support eldest brother. Ye Zhiqiu felt Li Nian's complex emotions, not knowing why, she silently bowed her head and ate the food in the bowl. Two people are wheezing to eat, guard armor came over. He saluted with his hand. "Doctor Xia, are you eating?" Ye Zhiqiu looked up and said, "Oh, isn't this the guard brother?"? What's the matter? Would you like to have some together? Guard armor saw the paste in the jar, the expression is a long story, how to say is also a doctor, how to mix to such a point. He despised it again. ―――。 Chapter 25 the Green Dragon wags its tail. Ye Zhiqiu saw the look of the guard armor in the heart scolded a Ma Ma criticism, always looked at me with a contemptuous look, clay figurines also have three points of fire. Lowering her head, she continued to eat the pimple, the atmosphere suddenly quieted down, and the guard B pushed his little friend with his hand. Doctor Xia, our old lady is not in good health these days. I'd like to ask Doctor Xia to go over and have a look. He spoke softly to Ye Zhiqiu, as if afraid to frighten him. Li Nian had long seen the contemptuous eyes of the guards, and he choked, "You said you wanted my brother to go and my brother would go?"? Who are you? In the border town, the Li family is also a big family, Li Nian grew up in his grandfather's side, has long known that some servants are best at the fox fake tiger power. It is ridiculous that the superiors of some famous families are humble in dealing with others, while the servants at the bottom are bullying others. The guard's armor moved against the swordsman's hand. How do you talk, boy? Ye Zhiqiu suddenly put down the bowl in his hand, "OK, you go back, I'm in a bad mood today, so I don't make house calls." Guards a and B looked at each other and gave a cold "hum". There is no hair around the mouth, how high the medical skill can be. Looking at the figure of their departure, Li Nian spat. Bah, a dog is a powerful thing. "All right, little brother, don't be angry, eat quickly, clean up after eating, and get up early tomorrow." Ye Zhiqiu doesn't care about this kind of thing at all. Generally speaking, people respect clothes first and then people. She does not make a move just do not want to make a move, the master of the Liu family is quite bold, see small things,plastic pallet manufacturer, for this kind of delicate mind, Ye Zhiqiu temporarily do not want to deal with him, afraid of complications.