At three o'clock in the morning, the attack of the Huwei Army on the periphery of the base of Gucheng was officially launched. The artillery of the Huwei Army fired a shell to the predetermined position in the east of the city. In an instant, the position of the 105th regiment of the Burmese puppet army in the east of the city was plunged into a sea of fire, and then the troops that had infiltrated the enemy's position and had been lurking for a long time began to attack with the advantage of their own artillery fire. The rebels were clearly confused by the sudden disaster, and most of the soldiers were torn to pieces by shells or sifted by bullets in their sleep. The rest of the soldiers looked like the tide of the tiger army, the heart began to beat a drum involuntarily, compared to the regular army, these puppet troops are completely vulnerable. However, there are also some people who spontaneously form a unit as a unit, in order to save their lives, they are in groups of three or five, with a heavy machine gun or a light machine gun, or even a few rifles as the basis for blocking. For a time, the Huwei soldiers were suppressed by the enemy's intensive firepower, especially on Hill 41, not far from the city of Leigu, which is located on a small slope in the northeast corner of the city. In order to hold this commanding height, the 105th Regiment, relying on the favorable terrain, repelled three attacks by the Huwei Army in more than half an hour. In order to take this commanding height, the Huwei Army took advantage of the number of people and speed, and constantly used units above the platoon to attack the other side's position. In addition, the artillery hit the head of the other side with the shells of mountain guns and mortars. After about more than two hours of seesaw, the puppet troops finally could not hold out. Leaving more than a thousand bodies behind, he fled to the city in panic. When the Huwei army launched a counterattack, the rebels who besieged Qi Xieyuan in the south of the city had not yet found out what was going on. At that moment, the Huwei Army suddenly appeared on their flank, and everyone was shocked. This time, the Chinese army put in armored troops, and the heavy tanks rumbled like earthquakes, which shocked all the rebels. But when the first Chariot No.4 rushed out of the woods, the consternation turned to fear. Because most of them have only heard of this steel monster but have never seen it. So most of the rebel soldiers chose to flee before the chariot arrived, for them, this kind of thing is a monster that they have no ability to stop. Although a few bold guys wanted to blow up the other side's chariot by means of human bombs, they were soon destroyed by the infantry on the chariot. PS: Modified World War II Chapter 481 Bolsheviks In the plane's targeted bombing and tanks under the rampage, aluminium coated tubes ,side impact beams, the rebels in the south of the city began a large-scale rout, Qi Xieyuan immediately found that this is a golden opportunity, so he immediately asked the command to hope that he can lead the troops to attack each other's flanks, of course, after careful consideration, Liu Cunhou agreed to each other's request, after all, this kind of fighter is very rare. And if the other side understands, it may cut off its own flank in turn. So Qi Xieyuan led the troops, with a shout, like a vicious tiger attacking food, rushed to the other side's position. The lack of ammunition and low morale has seriously affected the ability of the rebels to fight back. Seeing the new forces invested by the other side, Liu Cunhou's 15th Brigade has not even had the strength to fight back. The 105th Regiment was beaten and could not organize an effective counterattack at all. They had to abandon their artillery and baggage and fled to the southeast. But at this time Qi Xieyuan is not ready to give the other side a chance. He led his soldiers into several combat units and fired wildly at the fleeing rebels. At the same time, the formation flew over the heads of the fleeing Japanese soldiers, throwing bombs at these unfortunate people unscrupulously. From ordinary grenades to incendiary bombs, all kinds of bombs created a terrible effect to frighten everyone. A Gatling gun and two Maxim heavy machine guns mounted in the nose of the aircraft spewed vengeful flames at the rebels. The road, which was not very smooth, became more bumpy, with the remains of dead people and horses scattered around the road, and burning cars and all kinds of large debris blocked the already muddled road more tightly. It is estimated that the scene in front of us is no less than hell. When Liu Cunhou saw that the time was ripe, he gave the order and sent a division of troops to attack Gucheng in this direction. By this time, the thick fog of the first wave of gas bombs had dissipated, but the rebels who had survived the last disaster immediately fled in fright when they heard the familiar sound of motors and the faint smell of apples in the air. In a short moment, the commanders of the two regiments in the west of the city were the first to disappear, and then many veterans began to flee. Such an escape immediately triggered a domino effect, and countless soldiers began to flee from their posts to the rear. Some knew what was going on, while others just saw their companions running away and ran with them. At this time, the law enforcement officers who were supposed to enforce military discipline could do nothing about it. Because the number of people running away was so large that even their own top management began to run away. When they finally figured out what was going on. The soldiers who were supposed to enforce the military law also began to flee. A steady stream of Huwei troops were shooting at the fleeing rebels from behind, and the screams and cries for help of the rebels were everywhere within a radius of five miles outside the city. Division commander, our brigade commander Zhang Yongqiang.. He died in battle. The staff officer of the 105th Independent Mixed Brigade went to the division headquarters to report the funeral to Li Chun. Li Chun whole person collapsed on the chair, since the battle of Leigu, Zhang Yongqiang is fighting in the front, but did not expect that such a fierce general has been killed, which makes Li Chun sigh. He suddenly raised his head, his eyes were bloodshot, "Son of a bitch Qi Xieyuan, killed one of my generals, I must double his repayment, independent mixed into the command of the 105th Brigade,stainless steel 304 pipes, temporarily taken over by you, the troops continue to attack me, attack!" 。