Ye Tao deeply understands that when it comes to the position of prime minister and chairman they see more of the overall situation As for those interests they are no longer too important to them When the chairman and the premier heard this they breathed a sigh of relief It seemed that Ye Tao was not too difficult to get along with nor did they blame them for having such an idea After all it was impossible for a mortal to see the existence of a figure like a fairy without a trace of anxiety in his heart Immediately afterwards the Pesticides premier smiled and said "Mr Ye what you said is really too modest We are still far behind what you have done for the country" The chairman also looked at Ye Tao with an approving face which was also the most real idea in their hearts After all not to mention anything else Ye Tao brought all kinds of science and technology to the country which not only made the Chinese nation catch up with many other scientific and technological powers on the surface but also surpassed many in secret not to mention the development of other aspects Ye Tao smiled and said "Premier don't push it back and forth between us It's important to talk about business now" "Good good" The premier nodded hurriedly and said "I don't know what important things Mr Ye has to say this time" Ye Tao smiled slightly and immediately with a wave of his palm one or two hundred black "color" suitcases appeared on the surrounding ground As soon as the Prime Minister and the Chairman looked at these boxes that suddenly appeared they were immediately stunned their eyes were instantly staring at the eldest brother and then their faces were full of ecstasy "excited" and abnormal among which the Prime Minister asked in a trembling voice "Ye Mr Ye's means are really unpredictable I don't know what's in it Ye Tao said with a smile "It's the evolution liquid you imagined This time I brought you 10000 bottles to prepare for the New Year's Day of 2000 It's also a way to strengthen the country Some things can't be done by my men alone" It's not that his men are not good but that Ye Tao doesn't want his men to participate in the struggle for fame and wealth too much or want them to practice for a few more years when the time comes if they go to the alien world they still need some people to cooperate What's more in this way it can also make the country feel at ease "Thank you Mr Ye thank you for what you have done for the country" the premier said excitedly Ye Tao waved his hand and said "Premier there is no need to say thanks Although I have given you 10000 bottles of evolution liquid I hope there will be at least 8000 bottles in these 10000 bottles which will be used on the country's" elite "soldiers Among them 1500 bottles will be used on the scientific and technological personnel As for the rest you can do whatever you want" Speaking of this Ye Tao also took a meaningful look at Chai Yingqing Although he did not say much the Prime Minister and the Chairman had guessed what Ye Tao wanted to express His old face was a little red The Prime Minister nodded hurriedly with a trace of embarrassment "You can rest assured Mr Ye I will do what you ask" Ye Tao didn't care too much and said "You can do it as you see fit I just hope things don't go too far Chemicals Suppliers " "Yes" The premier nodded his head with a wry smile In fact he was also a little helpless about this matter After all after two years of development it is impossible to completely block the news of this evolution The "Phantom" matter is not only known by the Standing Committee of the Ninth National Congress but also by the commanders of the major military regions If these people do not have a little idea after all who does not like to live a little longer who does not want their body to be better However under the pressure of the prime minister and the chairman the general top officials did not strongly want to take the evolution liquid Because if you want to take the evolution liquid the premise is to retreat after all once you take the evolution liquid the old man's face has changed a lot And since these people can't take it they naturally turn this idea to the younger generation because they also want to have more super talents in their families and Chai Yingqing's family has allocated two bottles one of which is for Chai Yingqing and the other is for her sickly "milk" and "milk" At the same time Chai Yingqing listened to Ye Tao's words but also understood to come over Qiao face covered with crimson if there is really no top family background I am afraid it is not her turn to take Later the Prime Minister pondered a little and asked carefully "Mr Ye can you tell other senior officials about your specific identity" "Prime Minister you can do whatever you want but Pesticide Adjuvants don't let too many people know" Ye Tao smiled slightly to now he is not too concerned about the concealment of identity one day earlier and one day later it does not matter Besides with the development of the situation it won't be long before he meets with those senior officials I understand that The premier nodded and immediately with a trace of embarrassment pushed a document bag and two large cardboard boxes on the conference table in front of Ye Tao saying "Mr Ye this is something the country has prepared for you Please be sure to accept it Even if you want to do something in the future it will be more convenient" "Then I will be disrespectful" Ye Tao smiled also did not refuse for the things inside he is also very clear nothing more than documents and military uniforms and so on besides according to the future development of the situation his men are also to join the army's special department "door" then he naturally can not avoid to be the highest officer At the same time the premier and the chairman breathed a sigh of relief when they heard this The premier smiled and said "Mr Ye I think you know what's inside I'm going to tell you in detail" "Yes!" Ye Tao smiled The Prime Minister immediately opened his mouth and said "There are three certificates to be prepared one is the gun license the other is the director of the nine divisions of the Secret Service There are only two people in these nine divisions plus you but if you need it you can arrange it by yourself" "Two people" Ye Tao asked in surprise "who is the other person" "It's me" Chai Yingqing blushed "I'm your secretary" "Dizzy!" Ye Tao sweated in his heart looked at her with tears and laughter did not say much and immediately laughed at the Prime Minister "You go on to say the Prime Minister" 。