Shang Yehua feels that since he met Zhou Tianyi his tolerance has been greatly improved If someone had dared to knock on his forehead again and again in the past he would have beaten his opponent's teeth all over the ground The most important reason why he hasn't declared war on Zhou Tianyi yet is that he can't beat Zhou Tianyi at all This is ***ed up! Shang Yehua grinded his teeth closed the door and went back to the living room Chen Chen mom asked you something "Qin Qin Shen pulled him to the bedroom mysteriously closed the door and asked Fertilizers in a low voice" you and Tianyi you two aren't you That one That one Which one is that Shang Yehua was stunned for a moment and quickly reacted Qin Qin misunderstood Not knowing whether to laugh or cry he took out the ointment from his pocket and handed it to Qin Qin "It can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis" When I came out of Tianyi Group today I was accidentally taken by a motorcycle When Qin Qin heard this she immediately became nervous "Where did you hit" Does it matter Let mom have a look He was about to lift Shang Yehua's clothes What are you doing Shang Yehua didn't expect Bai Zichen's mother to be so bold and unrestrained that she jumped back "It doesn't matter Zhou Tianyi has taken me to the hospital for examination It's just a little scratch" Qin Qin breathed a sigh of relief and then sighed disappointedly "You you don't live up to expectations at all!" He gave him a white look and went back to the living room Listen to this voice Qin Qin seems to wish his son had been Zhou Tianyi so and so this is really a mother Shang Yehua doesn't know whether to laugh or cry At the same time Zhou Tianyi stepped into the elevator the smile on his face disappeared and his long eyebrows frowned tightly together Just now the head of the security department called him and checked all the surveillance near the company The murderer who hit him with a car was wearing a black helmet with a mask He could not see his face at all The motorcycle had no license plate number The strangest thing was that after a certain camera he seemed to disappear out of thin air No camera captured his whereabouts The biggest possibility is that the murderer has a strong sense of anti-reconnaissance intentionally avoided the camera went to the alley and quickly changed clothes and fled However the security guards searched a remote place with a radius of 10 kilometers near the vanishing point and found nothing At ten o'clock in the evening Zhou Tianyi drove back to the company building Chen Qing the manager of the security department waited for him in the monitoring room and first pulled out the pictures taken by the surveillance outside the company building Motorcycle almost to full speed straight to his side behind him if not for Bai Zichen suddenly rushed to remind him to be careful he simply can not escape even if all of a sudden hit not dead at least is seriously injured Seeing Bai Zichen Zhou Tianyi's eyes contained a little tenderness and then frowned tightly-who in the end wanted his life Is it a competitor or Zhou Tianyi's face sank like water his eyes were cold he paused magnified the whole process captured by the camera frame by frame and looked at it carefully Chemicals Suppliers Pure black heavy locomotive strong horsepower but Zhou Tianyi this senior locomotive enthusiasts but completely can not see which brand mostly buy their own parts assembly There was no license plate on the car the rider was wearing a black helmet and from the direction of the camera even if the picture was put to the maximum he could not see his face at all Zhou Tianyi pursed his lips and turned off the video then clicked on several other copies of the camera that captured the murderer without exception the same situation After closing the last video Zhou Tianyi closed his eyes "Call the police" "Yes" The reason why he had asked the security department to investigate privately instead of calling the police immediately was that he was worried that his cousin would hire someone to make trouble Although he used the way of peaceful evolution to take the company back from his second uncle Zhou Yan his second uncle's family was quite hostile to him and his second aunt instilled in his cousin Zhou Tianliang the idea that "the company originally belonged to your father and Zhou Tianyi took away the property that originally belonged to you" so Zhou Tianliang had a lot of trouble with him these years Although he did not want to indulge his cousin infinitely but after all he still had to give his uncle a thin face and if he could solve it privately he would solve it privately After all it was not good for the family to go to the Public Security Bureau But from the footage captured by the camera it seems that the murderer really wanted to kill him and the whole process of murder was carefully planned with few loopholes His cousin Zhou Tianliang did not have the courage to kill and did not have the mind of anti-investigation so it could be ruled out But what Zhou Tianyi did not expect was that for a week in a row the police investigation had made no progress Not to mention the murderer apart from the images captured by a few cameras not even a trace of extra clues has been found The investigation has Inorganic Chemicals reached an impasse But the written examination report card of the human resources department was put on his desk three days later and Bai Zichen's name was at the top of the list-98 points in the professional ability test and 100 points in business English As a leading company in the industry Tianyi Group's recruitment exam is notoriously difficult and those who can get more than 90 points are rare but Bai Zichen a ten thousand years old student actually lost the second place by 17 points It's not scientific In addition to the two years when the family changed Bai Zichen was almost watched by Zhou Tianyi When Bai Zichen was a senior in high school he also took time to make up lessons for his children It is precisely because of make-up lessons Bai Zichen's academic level he could not be more clear basically is not enlightened when the topic knows to nod with a red face after the mistake is still wrong The results of the college entrance examination were too horrible to look at and even the three colleges and universities where Bai Zichen is now studying were all forced into them by his connections Nod with a red face Zhou Tianyi suddenly mind up Bai Zichen will not like him at that time right At that time he had no idea about Bai Zichen so the child was shy at that time Now he is thinking about Bai Zichen and the more he thinks about it the more suspicious he is So Bai Zichen has had a crush on him for at least four years Secret love four years Tut the little thing can really hold it Zhou Tianyi pressed his eyebrows and forcibly pulled back his thoughts After Bai Zichen went to college although he did not pay attention to his grades but every time he went to visit on New Year's Day Aunt Qin complained from time to time Besides a mere CET-4 was not passed until his senior year and his English grades were bound to be quite bad So Bai Zichen mostly found a substitute for the exam