He Haifeng's wife sighed, stepped forward, took the things in Lin Zhenhua's hand, and then went into the kitchen, which is the meaning of out of sight. Lin Zhenhua freed his hand and patted He Lan on the back, saying, "Lan Lan, don't cry. What happened?" He Lan cried a nose, feel a little better, this just feels his action is a little inappropriate. She blushed and let go of Lin Zhenhua, still with tears on her face, and said, "Brother Xiaohua, why did you just come back?" 'What's The matter? What's the matter? Lin Zhenhua pulled He Lan to sit down and asked her. He Lan took out her handkerchief to wipe her tears and said, "Don't you know about Beijing?"? The demands of our students are reasonable. How can they treat us like this? Lin Zhenhua this just breathed a sigh of relief, originally he Lan is because of this matter and feel aggrieved. Before that, he had already talked to He Haifeng on the phone and knew that He Lan had not suffered any harm in the storm. Because of Lin Zhenhua's prior reminder, He Lan did not participate in the student organization, so he was not affected politically. However, as a hot-blooded young man, he was suddenly doused with a ladle of cold water, and that grievance can be imagined. All right,cosmetic tube packaging, Lan Lan, now things have passed, merits and demerits, now is not the time to comment, we still have to look forward, do not always entangled in the past. Lin Zhenhua said to He Lan, at this time, he did not know how to persuade He Lan. "What look forward,eye cream packing tube, China has no hope, there is nothing to see," he Lan said angrily. Lan Lan, how do you speak? He Haifeng said, "Slow to say that this storm has a complex international background, even if we have experienced so many political movements in the past, there is no hope for China.". You students are so childish. He Lan retorted, "This country is no longer the country of the people, but the country of corrupt officials like you. I have no confidence in this country." "Nonsense" He Haifeng is really angry, "is your father a corrupt official? What am I greedy for?" This is a word of conscience, He Haifeng has always been a relatively honest cadre, although occasionally there are some small issues such as eating invitations or accepting small gifts, but in principle, he is more tenacious. He Lan naturally knew this. When her father drank her, her voice dropped a little, empty cosmetic tubes ,plastic packing tube, but she still insisted: "Even if you are not greedy, you are serving other corrupt officials. You are not on the same side as the people." "What about me?" Lin Zhenhua asked with a smile, "Am I a corrupt official or the people?" "You are also a group of corrupt officials," said He Lan. "None of you officials is good. Even if you are not greedy, you are helping a tyrant to do evil. You are all defending a country of corrupt officials. "What about you? What are you going to do after graduation?" Lin Zhenhua continued to ask, He Lan's major is planning economics, according to the normal distribution method, she should be into the planning commission system, not to mention her father himself is the deputy director of the State Planning Commission. "I'm not staying in China anymore, I'm going abroad and I'll never come back," said He Lan. "I can't stay in such a dark country for a day." "You dare," He Haifeng slapped the table and shouted in an unprecedented stern tone: "If you dare to betray the country, I will not recognize you as a daughter." 399 blacklist 399 blacklist He Haifeng has three children, but he has always been the favorite of He Lan, almost never said any harsh words to her. But this time, He Haifeng was really angry. At that time, there were many people who went abroad and did not return. He Haifeng was always very disdainful of such people. Now he Lan unexpectedly also threatened to go abroad, never come back, this has touched the bottom line of He Haifeng, it is no wonder that he will be angry. Hearing his father's rebuke, he Lan was stunned for a moment, his mouth was flat, and tears fell down again. Lin Zhenhua sat beside He Lan. He patted her hand and said, "Lan Lan, you are still young. You don't have to say something so early.". You may not believe in this country, but you should at least believe in your father and my character, right? Do you think we are the kind of people who do things without conscience? "Even if you are good, what about others?" He Lan muttered in a low voice that after being shouted by He Haifeng, she no longer dared to speak wildly. Believe it, there are still many good people in the world. Lin Zhenhua said, "You have just entered your junior year, and you still have two years to go in school. It's not too late for you to wait until two years later to make your decision, isn't it?"? In fact, it's not difficult for you to go abroad. I have a lot of connections abroad. It's no problem to help you contact a scholarship. He Lan has always had a feeling of worship for Lin Zhenhua. Young people are like this. They are somewhat rebellious to their parents, but for strong people of the same age, it is easy to form a worship mentality. She knew Lin Zhenhua ten years ago. At that time, she was only a 10-year-old girl. Lin Zhenhua was young, handsome and full of knowledge. She was immediately regarded as an idol by the little girl. Over the years, Lin Zhenhua has constantly created miracles, which has constantly strengthened He Lan's worship of him. He Lan may not listen to what others say, but he Lan is almost obedient to what Lin Zhenhua says. Even at the height of the movement, He Haifeng only relayed an advice from Lin Zhenhua, which made He Lan resolutely refuse the invitation of the student organization, thus not being implicated in the movement. Now, Lin Zhenhua asked her not to make a decision first, and she naturally stopped saying anything. Lan Lan, go back to your room. I'll talk to Xiao Lin about something at work. He Haifeng changed a more gentle tone and said to He Lan. I want to listen to you. He Lan said, hearing her father's tone ease down,pump tube, she began to act like a spoiled child again. She grabbed Lin Zhenhua's arm with one hand and made a gesture of refusing to leave. Let her stay. Lin Zhenhua said to He Haifeng with a smile, "She studies economics, so it's good to know about economic things." 。 emptycosmetictubes.com