"I don't know how to write about my recent state of mind.". An ambitious man often has all kinds of great illusions in front of his eyes, and his life is to follow these illusions step by step. The man who hopes for the future has a star on his head to lead the way. Although he walks in the dark desert, there is a Jewish Lord in his heart, so his life is meaningful at last. People living in the memory of the past, the amazing scenes of the past, are all around him, so although he feels that this life is very lonely, but his life is also leisurely and carefree. The man who dreams there every day, his hunger for beauty, can be filled with the passion of the dream. He is the man who lives on the wings of an angel, and he does not feel the emptiness of life. I have no ambition since I was a child, but now I am in the middle of life, and I have no hope for the future. The past half of my life is a ruined history. When I recall it, there are only tears and laments. A few years ago, I still had a lingering feeling of enjoying this grief and some dreams of self-deception and self-consolation. Today, not only do I have no desire to enjoy this sweet bitterness,stainless steel tube 304, but I am the last weapon of fools-to open my eyes and dream. It was also taken away by cruel luck. Ah, young Victor, I admire your bravery, I admire your decisive tenderness! Zhifu picked up his pen, pointed it at the small glass window beside his mahogany, wrote these lines,Precision Welded pipes, and then stopped writing. Outside the window is a small garden, in which there are several sycamore trees and osmanthus trees. On the flower beds under the trees, there are some western grass flowers. Plum rain when the sun's rays, sprinkled on the green leaves, reflecting a layer of bright brilliance, about the season of cicadas, not far away. Under the shade of the trees in the garden, there were a few half-grown roosters and hens, cackling and foraging in the garden that had been washed loose by the rain. Without the leisurely guttural sounds of these chickens, this afternoon garden would be as quiet as the city that had been banned by magic in Gelimu's fairy tale. Zhifu put down his pen, stared out of the window for a long time, and then stood up like a sleepwalker. Walking around the room a few times, precision welded tubes ,side impact door beams, he suddenly felt that the human beings who existed in the world at the same time were making out with him. A month ago, he contracted insomnia, lost his appetite, and his body was losing weight day by day. No matter where he went, he always felt that someone was following him and urging him there. He thought that the bad air in Tokyo made him nervous, so he rented a small house in the wilderness of East Nakano and moved there. The four sides of Xiaokangzi are barren fields and weeds. His little house has two flat rooms. One is a rectangular reading room facing south. There is a small window on the south side, and outside the window is the small garden. One was a guest room twenty feet wide facing the door, and on the side of the guest room there was a cooking place three feet long and two feet wide. Out of the door, along a ditch, less than fifty steps north, is a country road. The main road was along a low grassy hill, on which there were several small red-roofed villages, hidden among the green leaves of the honeysuckle pineapple. When he was bored, he took a thick cherry stick and circled the hill to try his leisurely walk on the wild road. When he first moved here, he felt that this monastic life suited his mood. After a few days, he felt that the same grave silence that was scattered around him was becoming unbearable, so he asked an old woman in her sixties to come and live with him. The old woman had neither a man nor any relatives. She was supposed to be helping at the home of a friend of Chieftain's. His friend had gone back to China a week ago, so Chieftain did a favor and invited her over. The old woman had no other hobbies than keeping domestic animals around her, and ever since she had lived with her husband, there had been a little white cat and chickens in his little room, and the husband, who was embarrassed by his loneliness, had no objection to the old woman's youthful heart. Sometimes he peered out of the little glass window of his study and looked at the small animals taking a nap in the shade of the flowers, and felt that there was a peaceful scene around his cabin. After walking around the study room a few times like a sleepwalker, he suddenly felt that the human beings in the world were becoming intimate with him. After changing into a foreign suit, he went out and walked slowly to the tram stop on the outskirts of East Nakano. He took a suburban tram and didn't get off until Yurakucho, not far from the busiest street. After walking up and down the dusty, noisy streets in the sun for a while, he felt warm. When he sat down on the first floor of an ice Kirin fruit shop, he looked out of the window at the busy street for a moment. He felt that this chaos and excitement, the entanglement of people, prosperity, degeneration, men and women, goods, and everything else, had nothing to do with him. After eating a cup of ice Kirin and a cup of black tea,Precision steel tubes, he asked the maid to come and pay for it. As he handed the bill to the woman, he caught sight of the maid's five red fingers, and a momentary association brought him to the middle of a tragicomedy five years ago. cbiesautomotive.com